Happy Hijri New Year!

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By Sonia T. Husayn
Illustrated by Nadia Elzein

Join us on a fun-filled adventure, as we sight the Muharram moon at the start of the New Year and then end the night with party games and lots of chocolate cake!

This adorable rhyming picture book celebrates the arrival of the New Islamic Year. It is a wonderful, warm story which gently introduces children to the Hijri New Year, moonsighting in Islam and concepts of family, community and gratitude.

With beautiful hand-drawn illustrations, this book will be enjoyed by children again and again throughout the sacred Islamic month of Muharram.

Also includes an exclusive Note to Parents by Ustadha Umm Abdullah Hayel (Liverpool) highlighting the importance of introducing our children to sacred times and months.

  • Paperback
  • 32 pages
  • 21.6 x 26.7 cm
  • Ages 2 -5
  • ISBN: 978-1-5272-9340-3
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9 reviews for Happy Hijri New Year!

  1. admin

    The rhythmic words and beautiful pictures make this a captivating read for even the youngest of children. The topics it covers, i.e. celebrating what is sacred with God, is so essential in growing faith and certainty in the hearts of our children.

    – Fatima, Parent

  2. admin

    My two-year-old son read the book and insisted we go out to look for the moon and eat cake! I love the simplicity of the story – a New Year celebrated with love, hugs, kisses and food with an encouraging ending of giving thanks to Allah.

    – Ruby, Parent

  3. admin

    Happy Hijri New Year! is a wonderful and welcome addition to the growing curriculum of children’s Islamic education books. The fun approach to the story whilst illustrating a major landmark in the Islamic Calendar is exactly the approach that children and young people love to engage. The story can be read and re-read many times over, the rhythmic flow adding new depth to the story each time. We’re really excited to be able to share this book with the children at our Academy and believe it will be a real favourite with them!

    – LightBeam Academy, Afterschool Madrasa

  4. admin

    My 4-year-old took delight in following the story of the children as they prepared for the new year. There is so much to engage with; the rhythmic language and beautiful pictures. It led to lots of discussion and questions which (to me) is the mark of a good book.
    A must addition to any child’s library!

    – Saba, Parent

  5. admin

    An invaluable asset to the library of Muslim children. Beautifully done; through eye-catching illustrations and poetry, it is the perfect introduction towards understanding the importance of the Hijri New Year.

    – Zara, Primary School teacher

  6. admin

    A much-needed contribution within children’s literature that brilliantly highlights a blessed and sacred time for Muslims. The craftsmanship of both the poem and illustrations is exemplary. It would be wonderful to see this turned into a series!

    – Khalid, Parent

  7. admin

    Living in the West, commercial holidays can be appealing to children, so it was wonderful to read a book with my daughter that encourages celebrating and preparing for a sacred month in a fun and exciting way. I feel that this book instills a love for family and religious celebrations in a gentle and loving manner.

    – Sanah, Parent

  8. admin

    Masha Allah, such a heart-warming book with a refreshing and inclusive approach in the illustrations. This is exactly what’s needed in today’s canon of children’s books.

    – Halima, Parent

  9. admin

    This is a beautiful and captivating book, much needed in the community to help bring back fun, festivity and prayer around important dates for young Muslims. The illustrations are thoughtful and engaging and the text is easy to read and fun. Ma sha Allah, it is absolutely an excellent and much needed addition to children’s Islamic literature.

    – Umm Nur, Parent

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